You might not think about it, but a lot can happen to your teeth while you sleep. From grinding to biting and clenching, many patients, unknowingly, abuse their teeth while they sleep. This can cause damage from wearing through enamel, to chipping, to damaging expensive dental repairs. These damages can lead to decay, spacing issues, and jaw misalignment. This grinding or clenching motion is called “bruxism”. Night guards, formerly known as “orthotics” can help. A night guard is a custom fitted plate that fits over the teeth on the top or bottom jaw, to cover and protect them from grinding and other sleep issues. Night guards are also a wise investment to protect new dental work, which can often be uncomfortable at first, and cause grinding and other detrimental behaviors.

Who Needs a Night Guard

Some symptoms of nocturnal grinding or other issues can include; dull headaches upon waking, jaw soreness, teeth that are suddenly loose or sore, and chipped or fractured teeth. If you notice any of these symptoms and think you might need a night guard, a consultation with one of our staff is in order.
For adults, night grinding is typically caused by stress or anxiety. This may require additional treatments such as sleep aids, or even counseling, to remove the cause of the stress. A night guard can help to prevent further damage until a solution can be found. For children, stress and anxiety are not typically the cause. They may have an irritation in the mouth, misaligned teeth, or even allergies can contribute. Our staff is skilled at helping determine the cause and recommending the right night guard solution.
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Getting the right fit

Since you will be sleeping with the guard in place, it is essential that it fits properly to eliminate choking hazards. Another factor is whether the guard belongs on the top or bottom teeth. We can help determine this through examination of the wear or damage. A night guard custom fitted to your specific teeth is the best protection. Our trained staff can make sure that your night guard provides maximum protection and comfort. Made from long lasting materials, and specifically molded to suit your situation, a night guard from Harrah Dentistry is your best bet.

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